Other services

Being located in Spain allows us to offer a wide range of services for Japanese companies. We receive requests such us researches and studies focused on the Spanish market, negotiations and translation of business-related documentation.

Our services

  • Research and studies focused on Spanish and European markets.

  • Search of information resources and authenticity check, archive search.

  • Copyright and licences revision.

  • Japanese ⇔ European languages.

  • Report and documentation writing.

  • Local services management for visits to Spain (accommodation, ways of transportation, private cars).

  • Interpreting and assistance services.

  • Ticket purchase management for football games and other events.

We can offer other services aside from those mentioned above. Please, contact us for further details.

Projects achievements

Translation Japanese⇔Spanish translation for fashion business.
Translation Japanese⇔ English translation for fashion business.
Research Research about food and beverage related business in the Spanish market.
Arrangements Management of local services and interpreters for visits to international fairs.
Management Ticket purchase management for football games, Sagrada Familia…